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As you already know I love Lush and it is finally that time of the year when they have their Halloween and Christmas stock in so last Saturday I headed into town to get stocked up. The store in Aberdeen is quite small and it seemed like a lot of people had the same idea as the shop was heaving and you could barely move around the shop without accidentally elbowing someone that was nearby. I was a bit disappointed that they had sold out of their Halloween range apart from Lord of Misrule (which I didn’t really like)and Goth Fairy shimmer bar (which I ended up buying), a small lilac coloured fairy and smells like Snow Fairy. This leaves your skin feeling soft and also gives you a shimmering lustre, I love it.
Moving on to their Christmas stock I kind of got a bit carried away as I just went in to get about 3 things and started filling my basket with their deliciously scented goodies. They have lots of Christmas bath bombs, bubble bars, shower gels and soaps to see you through the festive season as well as boxed gift sets and knot wraps (so you can make up your own gift sets) to give as presents to your Lush loving friends. There is certainly something for everyone in their Christmas range. Some of the products I have bought in previous years and some are first time buys so I am excited to try those ones out.
So let’s delve into my shopping bag and see what I bought:
Snow Fairy shower gel was first on my list as I love, love, love this product, I managed to eke out my last bottle until May so have been waiting patiently for this to come back in to the shops.


Lush Christmas Haul 2016


Snow Angel bath melt, I tried this for the first time last year and it leaves your skin so soft due to the cocoa butter ingredient. Smells pretty good too.


Lush Christmas Haul 2016


Candy Mountain and Magic Wand are Snow Fairy scented bubble bars, with the wand you swirl it around your bath to produce pink water and some bubbles, it is reusable so you will get a few baths out of it.


Lush Christmas Haul 2016


Snowie bubble bar is inspired by David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust with the different coloured eyes and the red and blue zigzag, I’ve yet to use this but it smells amazing.


Lush Christmas Haul 2016


Northern Lights bath bomb didn’t particularly interest me when I picked it up to sniff it but when one of the shop assistants demonstrated it in the store it looked so pretty as it made the water blue, purple and yellow and the smell was so lovely with a ylang ylang and jasmine scent I just had to buy it.


Lush Christmas Haul 2016


Father Christmas bath bomb is yet another Snow Fairy scented product that I purchased, it’s not one that I have used before but I have heard that he turns your bath water an emerald green colour.


Lush Christmas Haul 2016


Lastly, I bought a knot wrap with an “It’s Christmas Deer” design which has a cute kitsch deer surrounded by a holly garland on it. I’m not going to use it to wrap up any of the products though I just wanted it because I thought it was so cute.


Lush Christmas Haul 2016

Have you tried any of Lush’s Christmas range? What’s your favourite product?

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