Meet our new kittens – Freddie and Violet

Say “Hello” to our new kittens Freddie and Violet. These bundles of destructiveness cuteness came into our lives at nine weeks old by chance. We were looking to get new kittens after having Ben put to sleep earlier this year but had decided to wait until the end of August after we had our holidays.  
Towards the end of June I had mentioned to one of the nurses at work to start looking out for any kittens that came into our branch practice where she also works and where one of the Cats Protection League branches comes to.  I had said that I was looking for a male and a female and that Mr M wanted a grey kitten but I wasn’t fussed what they looked like.  A few days later I got a phone call saying that there were two kittens looking for a home, a black and white one and a grey one plus they were a male and a female which was just what we were looking for……..well obviously I said yes, we would take them!  Cue a mad dash to Pets at Home to buy loads of kitten stuff, essentials such as food, bowls litter tray and litter, cat carrier and also lots of cute toys that will likely be played with once before they are lost forever under the sofa.
We collected them the next day from the Cats Protection League and took them home with us, they were really wary for the first couple of days choosing to hide under the sofa and only coming out to eat/use the litter tray when we weren’t around.  Now they leave chaos and destruction behind wherever they go; my curtains are wrecked, as are the vertical blinds and you don’t even want to know how our leather sofas are looking!  Don’t let these cute faces fool you that they are innocent!  Also trying to get decent photos of two hyperactive kittens is hard as they just don’t stay still for long!

If you are thinking of getting a kitten, a cat (lots of them looking for their forever homes too) or other type of animal please consider getting one from an animal charity such as the Cats Protection League, SSPCA, RSPCA, etc.  Not only are you getting a pet, you are also supporting a charity which can help other animals with your donation.  Also getting a kitten off of Gumtree (don’t get me started on this >:( that’s a rant for another day!! ) for £50 will likely mean that you will need to start a vaccination course which will set you back around £60, a microchip costs £25+ plus neutering £65+ and there is no guarantee that they have even had a health check from a vet.  We paid a £50 donation fee for each kitten, this included their vaccinations, microchip, money off vouchers for when they get neutered, 4 weeks free insurance and knew that they had been health checked and up to date with their wormer.  

Do you have a pet? Were they from an animal charity? I love looking at other people’s pets so please post links or tag me on Twitter @thelifeofdeem 🙂

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