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Your 5 Fashion
Image from Union Square
Union Square invited me to their Your 5 event that they were hosting last weekend where you could have a free 10 minute consultation with either a fashion stylist or a make up artist to shake up your look in 5 simple steps without having to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes or a beauty counter’s worth of make up.  I decided that I would go for the fashion consultation as I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I very rarely wear as I seem to stick to the old faithfuls; jeans, top, biker jacket, boots and a scarf, time and time again.

When I arrived at the desk my details (name, address, date of birth, email address, etc) were registered on a Your 5 app and I met with the fashion stylist Jo, a lovely lady who seemed really passionate about all things fashion.  The concept was that the five key style trends; cropped trousers, shirt, a silk, short jacket and sneakers would see you through the whole season as you could wear each item mixed in with your current wardrobe for a different look by either dressing them up or down depending on the occasion.There were five rails of clothes all from Union Square (not all shops participated, looking at you Next, Zara and Marks & Spencer) and they were displayed in each category.  First up was cropped trousers, in various styles such as culottes (ermmm just, no!), ankle grazers and in patterned or plain designs.  There was a really nice stone coloured pair from Dorothy Perkins that I liked so Jo photographed it using the app which would then be emailed to me after my consultation so I could see the five items that we picked.

Jo showed me items from the other four key trends and took pics of those that I liked, at no point during the consultation did I feel that she was trying to make a sale which was good as I hate being pressured by a pushy sales person.  Once the consultation was over I received an email with the five items that I liked with their prices and which store they could be found in.

Your 5 Fashion

I loved the Rose Gold sneakers from Dune but I also really liked the floral bomber jacket from New Look so after debating with myself on what I should buy I settled on the bomber jacket from New Look and I also bought a light pink pair of trainers, making up for the Rose Gold pretties that I never bought.  All of the items that were displayed in the event had “Your 5 Event” tickets on the clothes rail in the store they were from, this made it really easy to find what you had picked.

New Look Pink Trainers
New Look Floral Bomber Jacket


If you feel that your wardrobe (or make up bag) is in need of an overhaul then this event is definitely worth heading to, you may even have some of these items hidden away at the back of your closet and with a couple of key pieces you have a few outfits for different occasions without spending a fortune. If your wardrobe could do with a bit of organising check out my post here.
Disclaimer – I received a voucher to purchase something that was on my “Your 5 Event” picks but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
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