Cupcake Day for Alzheimer’s Society | 16th June 2016

Alzheimer's Society
Do you love baking cupcakes? Or maybe your baking skills are non-existent and you prefer to buy shop bought cupcakes and pass them off as your own. Whichever category you fall under then why not help out an excellent cause at the same time by hosting a Cupcake Day on Thursday 16th June to help raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. Woman and Home are supporting the Cupcake Day, so get together with your work colleagues, friends and family along with some cupcakes and raise funds to help defeat dementia.


Dementia is a horrible disease and if you have ever seen one of your family members suffer from it it’s really heartbreaking. My Granda suffered from it, at first it was little things like asking a question that he had asked just a few minutes earlier but then it progressed to waking up from a nap a few weeks after my Gran had died and asking me where she was. He couldn’t remember that she was no longer with us. I couldn’t bear to tell him that his wife of over 60 years had passed away just a few weeks earlier so I went through to the kitchen to tell my Mum and Auntie that he was asking for my Gran, my Auntie then had to tell him again that my Gran had died. Hearing him get upset again over my Gran’s death was heartbreaking and even now over 16 years later, I am writing this post in tears remembering how it was hearing him cry again. No one should ever have to go through not being able to remember their partner has passed away and have to be told over and over again what has happened to them. Six months before my Granda died he went into a ward in the hospital as he had fallen at home, I made the difficult decision not to see him in there as I didn’t want my last memories of him not knowing who I was.
850,000 people in the UK are currently living with dementia and it is now the biggest killer of women and the third biggest killer of men. By raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society we can help pay for research into this disease or even for a dementia sufferer to attend a Dementia Cafe for a couple of months where they can be with people who understand what they are going through as well as share some of their stories.
If you would like to get involved in Cupcake Day then send off for your free cupcake kit, the kit contains some delicious cupcake recipe cards, cupcake picks, posters, a guide to help you plan your event and ideas on how to raise money, a collection box as well as a few other bits and pieces.  You can order your free cupcake kit from their website here or if you are unable to host on Cupcake Day you can also donate money on there too.


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