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Halloween Marshmallow Ghost Cones


Since I pass an hour or five on Pinterest a day I came across a pic of Halloween marshmallow ghost cones on there a while back and thought these would be ideal party favours or just for handing out to a Trick or Treater when they descend on your doorstep on Halloween night.  Now that Halloween is fast approaching I thought that I would make my own. They are really easy to make and you could even get your little ones to help (make sure they don’t guzzle up all the marshmallows though!)  These Halloween marshmallow ghost cones were also inexpensive to make as you can get 3/4 ghosts out of a bag of marshmallows.

What you need:

Cellophane Cones
Black Sharpie Pen
Ribbon or Ties
White Mini Marshmallows

How to make:

Draw eyes and a mouth on each cellophane cone with your Sharpie.
Fill with marshmallows leaving enough space to tie the end off with ribbon or a tie.

Voila!! Halloween Marshmallow Ghost Cones! You could also fill them with popcorn or any other white sweets to give off a ghostly appearance.

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