Blogtober Day 16 – What’s in my bag?


It’s been 2 years since I last done a “What’s in my Bag post” my last one you can read about here  I love checking out what other people carry around with them, sometimes I think “oooooh that’s a really good idea, I need to get myself one of them!”, other times I think “what would you carry one of those around with you for?!” Plus it gives you an insight into their lives and what they find useful and important.

A few things have changed since my last post but this is what I cart around with me on a daily basis minus all the receipts, proof of postages, leaflets, etc that I shove in my bag after I’m given them and then fall out as I’m rummaging through looking for my keys or lipgloss.

Car, house and work keys.  I have massive keyrings as it is much easier to find them in the abyss of my bag when I’m standing outside in the freezing cold.

This A5 sized planner is from Personal Planner UK and I love it! This is my second one and I wouldn’t be without them now.  Will have to order a new one very soon since the end of the year is fast approaching!

I tend to wear cheaper scents at work (the animals really don’t care whether the perfume I wear is cheap or Chanel) and at the moment I’m using Sanctuary perfume. I’m really into Sanctuary products at the moment as I love the smell, they are Paraben free and also are cruelty free.

This Rich Colour lipgloss in Belle is from B. Cosmetics and is also cruelty free.

Lip balm
I’m loving this Dr Organic Cherry lip balm as with the cooler weather coming in my lips get quite cracked and dry and this does the job.

What's in my bag blog post

This is a pop out brush and mirror from Avon.  Handy for brushing my hair and checking to see if I have anything stuck between my teeth after eating.

I got this Radley purse for my Christmas 2 years ago, unfortunately my keys have scratched off some of the print on the front of it.

Notebook & Pen
I use this for scribbling down blog ideas whenever one comes into my head as you never know when you might get inspiration.

Hand Sanitiser
For using after touching yukky things or when there is no soap in the toilet.

Could never be without this now!

Nakd Bars
I usually have one or two of these in my bag incase I get a bit peckish at work or when I’m out.  The Berry Delight one is my favourite.

What do you keep in yours? Also is your bag clean and tidy with everything accessible or does your bag contain items that even you don’t want to know about?

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