Blogtober Day 14 – Grow your own Zombie

Grow Your Own Zombie Halloween DIY Craft
Halloween Decoration

Would you like your very own pet Zombie? No need to feed with brains and they require very little attention. Read on to find out how you can grow your own Zombie!

Mr M is obsessed with Zombies at the moment, if he isn’t killing them in Zombie Apocolypse he is watching them on TV in iZombie or in Walking Dead (we have just watched the first episode so we are waaaaaay behind) so I thought he might like his very own pet Zombie.  Just be careful it doesn’t grab you on your way past!

Grow Your Own Zombie

What you need:

Hands (not real ones obvs, as you will get arrested! I found these ones in Poundworld)
Plant Pot

How to make:

Put some soil in the bottom of a plant pot
Place the hand in with fingers pointing upwards
Fill the pot up with more soil and pack it down tightly so the hand stays upright.  I added some grass or you could also add some moss in the pot to give it that extra touch of a hand breaking through the soil.
Your Zombie can be grown either indoors or outdoors and will require regular watering.

Let me know if you gave this a try and if you got strange looks from people, I have kept my Zombie pots in the back garden for now and will move them to my front door for Halloween as I don’t want the neighbours to think we are weirdos 🙂


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