Blogtober Day 13 – DIY Halloween Cushions



DIY Halloween cushions


DIY Halloween Cushions

Being in the UK there isn’t such a great demand for Halloween things (although it is becoming more and more popular each year so hopefully this will soon change) so I usually end up buying things from the US and paying a fortune in getting it shipped over.  Looking on eBay I saw some lovely Halloween cushions but with the cost of shipping it meant that the price would be around £40-45 which is quite expensive for a cushion that would only be out for a few days each year.  So I decided to make my own!  So here is how to DIY Halloween cushions

When we were down in IKEA a few weeks ago I picked up a Black and an Orange cushion cover as well as the cushion padding to make my cushions.  The covers were £4 each and the padding  £3 each.

From eBay I purchased some fabric glue (I maybe cannot sew but I certainly know how to glue!), a Candy Corn patch and a sequinned Ghost patch; along with some felt letters spelling “Trick or Treat” and “Boo”.

I glued the letters and the patches onto the cushion covers using the fabric glue and let it set for around an hour before putting the cushions into the covers.

Here are the finished products!

DIY Halloween Cushions
DIY Halloween Cushions

How cute are these?  They were so simple to make and much cheaper than the £40 cushions I found on eBay! Have you made any Halloween decorations for your home?


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