Blogtober Day 10 – My Favourite Blogs



We all have our favourite blogs and these are some of mine, some of which I’ve been reading for a while and have got to know the people behind the blog and there are others that I’ve just discovered.  They are all fantastic for one reason or another so why don’t you go check them out, I promise you will love them :).
Danielle from Underland to Wonderland has a lifestyle blog where you will find posts about all things Disney, series such as “Who do you think they are?”, her dog Baker, plus Danielle takes ah-mazing photographs!
Claire from G is for Gingers writes a fashion/lifestyle blog, you can catch up on her latest outfit or what she got up to in her Week in Pictures on there.  Oh and she bakes loads of lovely goodies in it  too.
Laura from A Life with Frills is someone who I’ve just recently started following, her blog includes posts about beauty, the places she has been invited to, books she has read including a host of others.
Karen from Tiny Bird Heart is a fellow Aberdonian who became a mummy earlier this year to Sorsha, she has a lifestyle blog which includes what she loves, mummy stuff and a lot more.  Karen also organises #Abzmeet where bloggers from Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire meet up once a month, unfortunately I’ve not managed to go to one myself yet but hopefully I can manage the next one!
Pilar from Beauty and More by Pilar writes posts ranging from her make up collection and other beauty buys to recipes and crocheting.  Pilar also includes serious topics such as depression and at the moment due to the weather in South Carolina has had her apartment flooded so has a major clean up to do there.
Kirsty from A Dash of Ginger is a food blogger (and also has amazing photography skills) from Edinburgh.  When her posts appear on my feed I’m practically salivating at her pics!
Louisa from Duck in a Dress is another lifestyle blogger who although a bit quiet on the blogging front at the moment (she is currently pregnant with “Findus”) blogs about all the places she has been to, vintage finds and also #photoanhourchallenge.
Rachel from The Inelegant Wench is another foodie who also blogs lifestyle posts.  She is getting married soon so looking forward to seeing pics of her wedding.
What are your favourite blogs?  Let me know so I can check out some new ones 🙂
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