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Following on from my previous A-Z’s, this time it is the letter C. I thought on posting about my car but with the rain we have been having lately, the lighting outside wasn’t very good plus it needed washing,  so I took the lazy way out and decided to cover it under my clothing haul!  I managed to get quite a lot of bargains in the sales this Summer so this is what I got :)!

From Oasis:

I got a lovely shift dress which would be ideal for work.  It was £65 down to £38.  I also got a jacket to match which was £65 marked down to £40 but when I got to the till it scanned at £28….bonus!

This pretty dress was (I think) £55 pre-sale but down to £38.  I never read the label before washing it and tumble dried it and has now shrunk slightly.  So a valuable lesson was learned there: Always Read The Label!!

I love bags and this Betty Colour Block Barrel bag was coming home with me as it was a bargain at £15.  Another bag I picked up in the sale was this gorgeous coral coloured bag again only £15!

This statement necklace was £7, the ring £5 and the earrings (not on sale) £8.

From Miss Selfridge:

I bought this mint green jumper with a cute Dutch rabbit on the side.  I bought it as it reminded me on  Buffy, my first ever bunny many moons ago.  It was £30 down to £15.

From Next:

Another Bunny Jumper!  This time with one wearing glasses.  It was also £15.

SuperDry Jumper £20

From New Look

I’m loving the Kimonos that are out at the moment so I bought two!  I think they were both around £25.

From Primark

A polka dot peplum top that was only £8

I saw this lovely white jumper with a beaded collar and picked that up too.  I don’t really need any more jumpers as I have loads but as it was so pretty I bought it anyway.  This was £14.

I do love a good clothing haul! I also love having a nosy to see what other people buy and their clothing style too.  Do you shop regularly throughout the year or do you buy your clothes in one big haul for the upcoming season?

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4 responses to “A-Z of Me Clothes – A Clothing Haul”

  1. I just fell in love with that Oasis bag! And the bunny wearing glasses jumper!! So cute haha! It looks so geeky/chic which is right up my street lol 🙂

    Great post! 🙂
    Jemma xx

    • admin says:

      Hi Jemma

      Thank you :)! Its a bag I have been using a lot of just now, I love it. I've had the Bunny jumper on recently too and I've had a few people comment on it so we must have good taste :).

      Sorry for the delay & thanks for dropping in by xx

  2. Jess Maryy says:

    Very nice pieces, especially the Betty Colour Block Barrel bag! I think I'm gonna get it too, it's so lovely ♥

    • admin says:

      Hi Jess

      Thank you :)! Did you manage to get yourself a bag? They only had a couple left in the shop when I got mine but they were still available online the last time I checked.

      Sorry for the delay & thanks for dropping in by xx

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