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I’ve seen bloggers post about what they got for their Christmas and also what they bought in the sales, I’m a bit late to the party but I will show you what I have bought so far.

I got my first ever onesie for Christmas, it was red with white spots and a reindeer face and antlers on the hood.  I loved it! I put it on and noticed a big gaping hole in the seam on my right leg. I was so disappointed!  So I bought a new one in the Next sale, it was a cream coloured fleecy Bear number reduced from £36 to £18….bargain!  My Mum took my original onesie back to Next who gave her a refund of £16 (it was originally £30) and she managed to stitch up the seam so I now have two onesies.

Mr M is a Next account holder so we managed to get a VIP slot in their sale.  It was on the Sunday 22nd December and quite a lot of their stuff had already gone but I managed to get myself: a pair of bum lift Bootcut jeans £40 reduced to £18, a Silk dress for work £85 down to £40, a Tunic for work £26 now only £12.  For the home I managed to get 2 cushions for the bedroom, they are rectangular, silver sequinned cushions and I also bought new drinking glasses they are made of recycled glass and have a butterfly on them but they were not in the sale.


I bought a khaki bomber jacket with a fur trimmed hood from New Look, it was originally £39.99 reduced to £12! It is quite a thin jacket so not one for a very cold day but it looks good and that’s the main thing.

I had my eye on a top from Oasis before Christmas, so when I went into town when their sale had started I was pleased to get it for £28. It is a black glittery jumper with kimono sleeves and goes well with my dark blue jeans.

From Lakeland I bought a My Organised Kitchen for £4.99 (was £9.99), it has different designed page markers where you can stick a tab to mark your favourite recipe, 2 magnets, a notepad and kitchen labels.

I still have some more money left over to buy some other things but haven’t decided what I will spend my money on as been debating whether to have a facial or some other pampering session or to buy more clothes…..decisions, decisions!
What did you get in the sales?

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2 responses to “What I Bought In The Sales – Shopping Haul”

  1. I definitely like the Kitchen Organiser, looks fab x

    • admin says:

      Thanks, it was one of those thing that you like the look of and just have to buy, even though you really don't have a use for it :)! I'm sure I will find something to use it for though x

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