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Now that Christmas and New Year are over, it is time to take down all the decorations and put them away until December rolls round again.  I always find taking down the decorations a chore as it is a lot less fun than when you are putting them up! In the past I would just take the decorations off the tree and put them in a bag, the lights would just get rolled up (and come next Christmas, get annoyed as the lights were all tangled!) but I would wrap my breakables in bubble wrap.

So this year in my attempt to become more organised it is going to be different, I am not going to get stressed next Christmas when I can’t find where the Christmas tree lights start nor am I going to be rummaging through a bag looking for the tree decorations as I am prepared!!

For my tree decorations I bought an Ornament Organiser, it is a bag with dividers and holds 48 decorations, from Home Bargains (£3.99) before Christmas.  I managed to squeeze a few of the smaller decorations into the same compartment so I could contain all my decorations together instead of having to resort to a carrier bag.

There are other ways that you can store your tree decorations such as:


Egg Boxes



Plastic Cups

I have two sets of tree lights, a vintage lantern set and a white led set. I came across a brilliant idea on Pinterest on how to store them without them getting tangled.

Firstly get a piece of cardboard, after receiving loads of deliveries in the run up to Christmas, I had loads of cardboard boxes in the house.  Make small notches (about half an inch apart) all the way down on either side of the cardboard.


Wrap the lights around the cardboard making sure that the wire sits in the notches to stop the wires from slipping.


I sellotaped the start and the end of the lights to the cardboard for extra staying power!

Now that the tree is down and the decorations have been packed away doesn’t the house look empty without them? Do you have any organising tips on Christmas decoration storage, if so I would love to hear them?

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9 responses to “Christmas Decoration Organising”

  1. Zoe Archer says:

    This is a brilliant post as I am so slapdash when it comes to putting the Xmas stuff away. I think my boyfriend spent more time unravelling the three sets of lights I have than was spent decorating the whole tree. Think I will be heading to Home Bargains tomorrow to see if I can get one of those organisers.

    • admin says:

      It's annoying isn't it when you have to unravel the lights, I feel like throwing them out the window if they are in a tangled mess! Hopefully they still have the organisers, they do come flat packed & it was a bit fiddly to begin with putting the dividers together but it was worth it once it was done :)!

      Thanks for dropping in by!

  2. Rachael says:

    This is a smashing post and I'd wish I'd of read it before I stuck all of ours away. Luckily we still had a some of the original packaging for the decorations but the loose ones just end up being wrapped in kitchen towel and carefully places on top of each other. I do like the idea of using old egg cartons, might have to start saving them especially with hoping to move this year, I don't want some of our vintage decorations to end up in millions of pieces in transit!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Rachael, although yours do sound well wrapped and organised too. Another thing I found on Pinterest was using the packs that apples come in, we don't get that type of packaging in the UK but maybe you do in America? I love vintage decorations, my Mum has offered me her ones (I think they are from the 50s) but too scared that the cat will knock them off the tree! Loads of bubble wrap and I'm sure they will be fine in the move :).

  3. Heather Nixon says:

    Great storage ideas! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  4. Pilar says:

    These are great storage ideas! I usually put the lights in seperate gallon ziploc bags to keep the from tangling. Thanks for sharing!

    • admin says:

      I've heard great things about these Ziploc bags, we have something similar but apparently they are not as good as Ziploc! That sounds a good idea though to use them 🙂

  5. Jojo Rickart says:

    We took our christmas decorations down today! I was an emotional wreck. But we were more efficient than ever. We saved boxes and tape and fit them all in one storage box! Result!

    • admin says:

      It's awful isn't it when they have to come down! The house looks so bare and it's then you realise that the festive season is well and truly over, never mind you only have 11 months to go until they are back up again :)!

      Thanks for dropping in by!

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