What do you keep in your bag? 10 essential items you need!


I love bags……..oh and shoes, amongst other things! They come in all shapes and sizes. You get big tote ones, small clutch ones, ones that go across your body and ones you hang off your wrist.  Your bag is something that you carry around with you all day so there are some essential items that you need to have in it.  There are also a lot of non-essential items in mine such as receipts, loads of lip glosses, perfumes, pens, etc (you get the gist)!  So in my “new organised me” mode, I cleared everything out of my bag and started to keep essential items only……..if it’s not regarded as essential then it’s not getting in!!*

The bag that Im currently using is a lovely Cath Kidston Red Mini Spot Mini Shopper and I love it!  It’s small enough to carry around but can hold quite a lot of things and also I love Cath Kidston products.

So my list of essential items are:

Mobile Phone
Keys (car & house)
Tissues (as having a runny nose is not a good look!)
Hand Sanitiser – in case the toilet you have been in has run out of soap or you have touched something nasty!
Feminine products (for those surprises we sometimes get or if a friend needs one)

The other essential items that I have in my bag that you might not need are:

Pen and Notebook (this comes in handy for any ideas that I may want to jot down or when someone runs into the side of my car and admits that it was their fault I can get them to write and sign admitting liability.  I only had the pen and no paper when this happened to me, still currently sorting this out weeks later! Grrrrrrrr!!)

Security Swipe Pass – for getting in and more importantly, out of the office

Physio-band – I have been getting physiotherapy on my dodgy knee and was given a band to put around my ankles.  Sitting in my chair at work I use this band by lifting up one leg while keeping the other one flat on the ground.  This causes resistance and should build up my quadriceps muscle supporting my knee.  Unfortunately when sitting at my desk with it around my ankles, it looks like I have a pair of pants around them so I do my exercises when no-one is about!

Hand cream

Business Card Holder

What do you keep in yours?

I’m sure given time, the non-essential items will be given an upgrade to “essential item” status!

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5 responses to “What do you keep in your bag? 10 essential items you need!”

  1. I keep the same essentials in my purse you listed on your list! Great post and nice blog!



    • admin says:

      Hi Pilar

      Thanks for dropping in by! Just had a look at your blog and love the crocheted scarf you made. It will definitely keep you warm in the colder months :). I've just followed you on Google friends :). Hope you drop in by my blog again

  2. You're welcome! And thank you for the kind words! I try to keep a variety of things that interests me to share with others on my blog. Feel free to check out my other crocheting posts as well if you like! Of course I'll be dropping by your blog, I've enjoyed reading it!! I followed you back on gfc, and google plus 🙂

  3. Claire Smith says:

    Wow you keep a lot more in your bad than I do :L I did a post like this a few weeks ago on my blog.

    • admin says:

      Lol if you think that's a lot, you should have seen it before I cleared it out :D! Just checked your blog post, I find it interesting what other people keep in theirs, you carry a camera which I've never thought about adding to my essentials so that's going in too. Maybe I should stop seeing what other people have otherwise I will be carrying a suitcase before long! Thanks for dropping in by xx

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