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Well it’s official…….today marks the first day of Autumn, this season lasts until Friday 20 December when Winter will begin (unless you live in Scotland where Winter will probably start in the next few weeks!).  I love Autumntime when the air starts to get a bit cooler and you need to wrap up warmly, being all snug and cosy indoors when it’s howling a gale outside, the leaves turning lovely shades of gold and red, eating delicious stodgy food is a necessity (building up fat reserves for Winter to keep warm, of course) and also Autumn is when both my Birthday and Halloween happen!

To mark the start of Autumn I have lit my Spiced Apple Yankee Candle (sadly this seems to be another scent that is retired, just like my old Autumn Favourite ~ Cider Web :'( if you know of any similar scents available then please let me know) as the smells of cider spiced with cinnamon, cloves & nutmeg are lovely, and it just smells…..well Autumny Autumnal.

Also with Halloween coming in the next few weeks I am starting to get excited and already planning a few makes that I will share with you over the next few weeks. We get loads of kids at our door Trick or Treating, the first year we lived here there was a constant stream of Ghosts, Witches, Draculas, etc from just before 6pm until just after 9pm so I need to make sure that I have lots of sweets in for them (any leftovers will no doubt be consumed by Mr M). The 31st October is also the date my car is in the garage for it’s MOT & service and my road tax is due then too, so hopefully the cost doesn’t give me more of a scare than the Trick or Treaters!! Do you have a Halloween Party planned, or going to one? I’d love to hear your ideas for the party or your costume.

Another week and it will be my Birthday. Birthdays don’t seem to excite me as much as they did when I was younger, back then you were counting down the years until you were old enough to: leave school, being able to drive, legally drink in pubs, being able to vote, turning 21 but now it seems the only countdown will be until I am old enough to retire!! I heard a saying once that “Life is like a toilet roll – the closer to the end, the faster it goes!” While I hope that I have a few more decades left in me, I can’t help but think that the years go flying by much quicker than they did when I was younger.

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