About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Denise, a blogger living in Aberdeenshire that loves food, drink, shopping, crafts, vintage, oh and did I mention that I love food?  Here on my blog you will find a mix of posts from DIYs, recipes, general lifestyle posts, also Christmas and Halloween are my favourite times of the year so expect a lot of posts during those times!

By day I work with animals and by night (and at weekends) I like to bake, cook, buy pretty things and drink prosecco. I have also just started Jazzercise in an attempt to get fit (and to fit into my clothes after eating all the food) instead of slobbing on the sofa and I am actually enjoying it (who even am I?)

I hope you’ll find something you like on my blog and come back for another visit sometime soon. I do love reading comments so if you leave one please remember and leave your link so I can drop in by your blog.