2019 Goals

Hello! It’s been a few weeks since I was last on here although I do have a good excuse.  Noah started crawling which has meant I have needed 360 degree vision.  You can guarantee that he will be doing something or heading somewhere that he shouldn’t.  This has also coincided with him being really clingy which means that not only can I not get anything done I can’t even pass him onto anyone to give me a break as he just screams and gets upset.  This is why I’ve had to have a blogging (and social media) break as I just couldn’t fit the time in to do it.  Anyway enough of my moans!

I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the festivities.  It seems almost a distant memory now and it’s only been 3 weeks 😊.  Now that we are into 2019 (how scary is that?! I swear it was 2000 just a few years ago) have you made any goals for the year ahead?  Did you achieve the ones you made in 2018?  I never made any goals last year but this year I have a few that I hope to reach by the end of 2019.


Here are my 2019 Goals:

  • Declutter 2019 Items in the house.  After Christmas my house feels like every drawer, cupboard, nook and cranny is jam packed with things.  There. Is. So. Much. Stuff.  I am actually finding it a bit stressful as I’ve got to wade through what feels like 3456532 things in a cupboard until I reach the item I need. I think decluttering 2019 items is pretty achievable as I can’t believe how much things we have and continue to accumulate
  • Start Jazzercise again.  I really enjoyed the classes but gave it up when I was pregnant.  The only thing stopping me is the time Mr M gets home as sometimes he doesn’t get back until 630pm and I need to leave around then to get there.  Hopefully it works out so I can start going again.
  • Go more places with Noah.  Now that he is more aware of things around him I think he will enjoy going places where he can play and interact with other children.
  • Stop. Eating. Crap.  I only gained baby weight while pregnant and was only a couple of pounds heavier than I was pre-pregnancy the week after he was born.  Since then I’ve gained a stone!!  Having a baby who never naps (or occasionally has a 30 minute snooze) has meant I’ve not had time to make anything let alone eat it.  This has resulted in me shoving things like biscuits, crisps and sweets in my mouth to tide me over until dinner time when Noah was in bed.  Then I’d fill my face with food since that was my only meal of the day.  I’m buying more fruit and healthy snacks to eat when I don’t have time to make anything which then links in to my next goal………
2019 Goals Have you made any #goals that you want to achieve this #year? Here are my #2019 #goals
  • Meal Plan. I returned to work last week after being off for a whole year. The two days that I am back at work feels like a holiday in comparison to staying at home looking after a baby!! I need to be more organised with our meals especially on those days as I need to take a packed lunch to work and have something quick for dinner. I bought a meal planner last year which has remained unused and I cannot for the life of me remember where I put it but I’m going to hazard a guess it’s in the Cupboard of Doom (our understair cupboard, which should have an ‘Enter at your own risk’ sign on the door it’s that bad!).
  • Blog more consistently.  I have plenty of ideas for blog posts but I’ve struggled recently with the time to write them up, take photos (this is a bad time of year for lighting anyway) and eventually publish them.  I am now finding a bit more time in the evenings where I should be able to write things up then.
  • Be more active on social media.  The lack of time meant I struggled with posting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  I’ve never been one of those people who took their pics in bulk and then upload them onto  Insta randomly over weeks/months, I always took my images and uploaded them at the time.  I now realise that the people who do this have the right idea and will do this as much as I can, when I can!
  • Use a planner.  Since having a baby I’ve noticed that my brain once known for storing useless information such as knowing the lyrics to a song from the 1980s, recalling an event that happened at primary school, etc, has turned to absolute mush.  I forget people’s names, to take my thyroid medication, plans that I’ve made and things I need to do. I bought myself a planner just before Christmas so I’m going to write everything down otherwise it will just evaporate from my brain within 45 seconds.

2019 Goals Have you made any #goals that you want to achieve this #year? Here are my #2019 #goals

So these are my goals for 2019, will I achieve them? I hope so but hey, who knows? If you made any goals this year then let me know below what yours are. Hope 2019 is the best year of your life!

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