My 5 Autumn Essentials

Autumn, the prettiest time of the year is officially here.   The leaves are changing to red, orange and yellow and it’s getting chillier outside.  Also it’s creeping ever closer to Christmas.  So now it’s time to dig out your warm clothes, have cosy nights in and eat all things pumpkin flavoured.  Every season has its must-haves so here’s my list of Autumn Essentials.    

My 5 Autumn Essentials | 5 Autumn Must Haves For The Season



You can never have enough pairs of boots and I should know as I have many quite a few pairs in my wardrobe, in different lengths and colours.  Boots go with anything, whether you are wearing a dress, skirt, jeans or trousers, there’s a pair to go with them.  Plus they keep your feet dry from all the rain.    

My 5 Autumn Essentials | 5 Autumn Must Haves For The Season


Cosy Knitwear

It’s the perfect time to look out (or buy) chunky jumpers, scarves, hats, gloves and fleecy socks, you can’t forget the fleecy socks!!  Coming home and putting your frozen feet into a pair of fleecy socks to keep your toes all toasty is one of  the best feelings.  

Hot Drinks

Hot drinks are very well needed at this time of the year, whether it’s a pumpkin spice latte, hot chocolate (with cream and marshmallows), flavoured teas or even hot ribena.  I’m sure that I’m not the only one that drinks hot ribena but no-one in my work had ever heard of it before.  Have you tried hot ribena or am I the only loser on the planet that drinks this?!  

Scented Candles

Autumn is definitely the start of candle burning season as it makes your home feel all nice and cosy.  Anything pumpkin, apple or spiced will do.  I normally go for Yankee Candle ones but I picked up this Apple and Cinnamon one from Homesense last year and never used it as being pregnant meant I couldn’t tolerate scented products without wanting to throw up!    

My 5 Autumn Essentials | 5 Autumn Must Haves For The Season


Fairy Lights

Along with candles, fairy lights add warmth to your home as well as looking pretty.  You could put them into a lantern to brighten up a corner of your room or you could have a fairy light curtain behind your bed to give off a lovely glow in your bedroom. I believe you can never have enough fairy lights!     What are your Autumn Essentials?  

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