Slimming World Sunday | Breakfast Egg Muffins Recipe (and Weigh In 6)

Being on Slimming World does mean that you need to be organised when it comes to food (this is something that I really need to up my game on as meal planning is still something that I’ve just not got to grips with) and with 5.45am wake ups I don’t really want to be making myself complicated breakfasts and rushing out the door at the last minute. I have seen some of these breakfast egg muffins on the internet and decided to make my own, some people add milk or cheese to theirs but these are dairy free as well as being syn free and are the perfect grab and go breakfast.

It is really easy to make breakfast egg muffins, they can be stored in the fridge for a few days or even frozen and reheated if required. You can also eat them cold (I prefer them eaten warm, don’t over heat them though as they can go a bit rubbery!). You can also add in whatever you like to them; bits of bacon or ham, chicken or keep them vegetarian by just adding veg, if you want to add cheese to them remember and use it either out of your Hex A allowance or syn them.

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This makes enough for 10 breakfast muffins

What You Need:

8 Medium Eggs
Fry light
2 Bacon Medallions finely chopped
2 Mushrooms finely chopped
A few Spinach leaves
Yellow Pepper finely chopped
Tomatoes chopped
Salt and Pepper
Muffin Cases (Silicone ones work better)

How To Make:

Heat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius
Spray your pan with Frylight and gently heat
Add in your bacon, mushroom and pepper and fry until soft
Break eggs into a bowl and whisk until the white and the yolk are completely mixed through, season with a generous amount of salt and pepper.
Tear up your spinach leaves and place in the bottom of each muffin case then add in a teaspoon of the bacon mix into each one too.
Pour the whisked egg into the muffin cases (but leave some space at the top as they rise and you will end up with baked egg on your oven tray, yep that happened to me) and add your chopped tomatoes on top.
Place into your pre-heated oven for 20-25 minutes or until they are cooked.


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These breakfast muffins are not just for people on Slimming World diets as they are packed with protein, gluten free and are low carb so are suitable for people that are Paleo too. You can eat these on the go or you can eat them as part of a bigger breakfast with baked beans for extra protein and dry fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes for speed food.

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Weigh in 6 gave me a 1lb loss, it was slightly better than I expected as it was Mr M’s birthday last Saturday and we went to the cinema to watch Logan (not my type of film at all and the two hours it was on for just draaaaaaaaaagggged on), so I ate more or less the whole bag of popcorn that I bought at a whopping 17 syns but at least the Diet Coke was syn free! We then went to the Chinese Takeaway and picked up Schezuan Prawns with boiled rice, a shared starter of salt & pepper chicken plus some prawn crackers as we got them free. This is the first time that I have ever went off plan and it did show in my weight loss so I am hoping for a better one this week as I have been staying on plan and filling my plate with speed foods. One thing that I am missing is a drink of alcohol as I haven’t had any since before starting the diet and I think that the more I stay away from it the more likely that I will end up having a few more than I should. I am quite partial to a Blue WKD but they are 10 syns each and since I used to drink 4 or 5 of these on a Saturday night then that’s off the list but I could have a vodka with a diet drink which will be about 3 syns but then I worry that if I have a couple of these then I will want to eat ALL. THE. FOOD!!! Have you managed to stay within your syns and still enjoy a drink or two at the weekend?


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If you try out this recipe or anything else from my blog, I’d really love to hear any feedback!
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